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Tanaquil márquez

Tanaquil Márquez is a bold and innovative Latina artist who is passionate about celebrating the LatinX voice through bilingual work. She has created original work and self-produced plays in both Spanish and English, building a bridge between her shared culture and communities. Tanaquil is the Director of Education at 1812 Productions and a member of 1812's Artistic Core, where she is currently workshopping an original bilingual play, La Otra, set to premiere in 2025.


Tanaquil is the recipient of the 2022 Pew project grant for Nichos, a multidisciplinary theater creation in collaboration with the Mexican migrant community in Philadelphia. A performance with both historical and fantastical elements that collectively examine the challenges of preserving languages and cultural traditions.


Tanaquil's commitment to uplifting marginalized voices extends beyond her artistic endeavors. She served as Associate Artistic Director for Teatro del Sol and was the Artistic Director of the interim bilingual theater company Teatro Esperanza in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During her tenure at Teatro Esperanza, Tanaquil hosted workshops and oral history interviews with the migrant community to develop original pieces for New Brunswick's monthly Mercado events. She has also created performances for the opening ceremonies for RH Doaz's mural As Birds on Pinions Free (2019) and Leon Rainbow's mural A Journey Forward (2021).


In 2017, Tanaquil co-founded La Fábrica with Yajaira Paredes, a company dedicated to producing work by LatinX artists. La Fábrica's inaugural production, Azul, written and directed by Tanaquil, told the story of Picasso's blue period and received rave reviews. Tanaquil went on to produce three full-length plays by Venezuelan playwrights Gustavo Ott, Ibrahim Guerra, and Indira Paez during the duration of the company.


Tanaquil is a dedicated Teaching Artist, creating workshops in both English and Spanish to serve the LatinX community. She practices the Michael Chekhov method and Augusto Boal's method Theatre of the Oppressed in her classes, providing an engaging and supportive environment for her students.

Tanaquil Márquez is a visionary artist and educator who is committed to creating original work inspired by the voices of the LatinX community.

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