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Tanaquil's work has been produced throughout the Philadelphia region. Her writing celebrates her LatinX culture, language, and community. Tanaquil is currently working on the Pew Project, Nichos, a multidisciplinary theatrical performance inspired by the voices of the Mexican migrant community. 


For more information about commissioning new work or producing one of her existing pieces, please visit the Contact page.


For a full listing of her available work, please visit the About page.


8 women, 4 men; 90 minutes
In collaboration with Eliana Fabiyi

Inspired by Gabriel García Márquez’s short story Sólo vine a hablar por teléfono. Maria’s car breaks down on a rainy evening in 1970s Barcelona. She takes a bus to use the phone at an unknown destination, but is mistaken for a patient in what she comes to realize is a mental institution. 


Produced: Philadelphia Fringe Festival - 2016


6 women, 2 men, 2 musicians; 120 minutes

Azul tells the story of Pablo Picasso - perhaps the greatest and most influential painter of the 20th century – at a short but crucial moment of his life when he obsessed over one particular woman. Taking place during La Belle Époque, Azul reimagines Picasso’s life from 1900-1904 in Paris and Barcelona. Interweaving live flamenco music and dance, it is a dramatic canvas of Picasso’s thoughts, doubts, actions and torments that drove him to paint in blue.


Produced: La Fábrica - 2017

Produced:Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center- 2018

the spirit of Christmas

Ensemble cast; 50 minutes
Children’s Holiday Performance

Liliana and her family have just moved away from their hometown in Wisconsin to  Buenos Aires, Argentina just in time for Christmas. Upset with these new changes, Liliana has lost her holiday spirit.  With the help of a cheeky angel, Liliana learns about how other South and Central American cultures celebrate the holidays through song and dance.  

Produced: ASAP Drama - 2021


Tierra Alta is a beautiful lush island that can grow every single fruit and vegetable in the world. Except it is ruled by El Sol, the selfish sun who has stolen La Luna and commands all the islanders to constantly work with no rest. Dani, the grandchild of the town leader has had enough and decides to free their community by finding La Luna with the help of their friends, Julieta and Juancito. 

Produced: Teatro Esperanza - 2022

Tierra Alta

Dani Who Made A Deal With The Sun

5 women, 3 men, chorus; 60 minutes
Children's Musical

Twelfth Night o Lo que quieras

9 actors; 130 minutes
 Bilingual Musical Adaptation- New text and lyrics co written with Liz Filios 

This adaptation reimagines Shakespeare’s romantic comedy as a story about immigration. Violeta and Sebastian, twins from Venezuela, are separated in a shipwreck and must find their way in Illyria, a land somewhat similar to contemporary America.  

Produced: Delaware Shakespeare - 2022

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