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Tanaquil is working on Pew project Nichos, which will premiere in Nueva Esperanza in October 2024. Alongside Ximena Violante and Calo Rosa, Tanaquil will devise Nichos with the Mexican migrant community. The search for the cultural ethos of Mexican identity will be explored through workshops, oral histories, and personal stories.

In tandem with Nichos, Tanaquil is creating an original piece with Eliana Fabiyi inspired by a true and fascinating story from her Colombian family. 

For more information about commissioning new work or producing one of her existing pieces, please visit the Contact page.


For a full listing of her available work, please visit the About page.

La otrA

5 women, 1 man; 90 minutes
In colaboration with Eliana Fabiyi

Three Colombian sisters gather in Bogotá to celebrate their father's 80th birthday. Tensions run high when the oldest sister invites a surprise guest that will change the family dynamic forever. 


Workshop: 1812 Productions - 2023

To be produced- 1812 Productions 2025


Pew project in production with Nueva Esperanza
In collaboration with Ximena Violante and Calo Rosa

The Nichos Project is a multidisciplinary theater creation following the story of Ehécatl, an indigenous man, on his immigration odyssey across time and space. Beginning with the Aztec creation story, this epic narrative shows Ehécatl moving through Mexico’s history to physically and symbolically depict how Mexican culture has evolved through 500 years of conquest, colonization, exile, assimilation, and subsequent cross-cultural generations. The production illustrates the crossroads faced by a Mexican migrant when striving to preserve their culture, asking the question: what is the cultural essence that endures in Mexican identity?

To be produced- Nueva Esperanza 2024

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